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Click the file to view our full risk assessment 

Before your lesson

✘ If you or anyone in your household/support bubble have symptoms, or a confirmed case of COVID-19, you cannot attend a lesson.

✘ All lessons must be booked in advance.

✘ Make sure you arrive in the attire you are going to dance in. There will be no access to changing facilities.

✘ Only bring essential items with you. If you don’t need it, leave it at home.

✘ Pack a drinks bottle. We cannot offer refreshments.

Accessing the building 

✘ Do not enter the building until the start time of your lesson.
✘ Sanitise your hands as soon as you enter. Hand sanitiser will be provided.
✘ We encourage you to wear a mask when you enter (and exit) the building. Masks are not required during the lesson.
✘ One parent/guardian may enter the building with your child, but may not enter the studio.
✘ Do not enter the lift with members of a different households/ people outside of your support bubble. 

On every visit, your temperature will be taken and we will complete a screening checklist. If you present with any symptoms or a high temperature is recorded, unfortunately, we have
to ask you to leave.

During your lesson

✘ Social distancing applies. Maintain at least 1m apart at all times.
✘ Spectators, including parents/guardians, will not be allowed in the studio.
✘ The use of our toilet facilities is strongly discouraged, unless essential.
✘ Numbers in each studio will not exceed 6 people at any one time.
✘ A specific area will be allocated to keep your possessions and change yourshoes. Please keep your person items in this designated area. 

At the end of your lesson

✘ When paying for your lesson, please arrange to do so via online/mobile banking. If paying with cash, place the exact lesson amount in an envelope with  your name on.
✘ Leave the premises promptly, at least 5 minutes before the end of the lesson.
✘ Make sure you take all belongings with you when you leave.
✘ Common touch surfaces will be cleaned following every lesson.
✘ At the end of each day, all used areas will be thoroughly cleaned. 

From the same household? You can dance together, but our teachers will maintain social distancing. All other rules still apply!


Formed a support bubble? You can also dance together. All other rules still apply!