Adult Classes

Classes are a great way to learn how to dance in the company of others, who will soon become friends. 


Learning to dance open up opportunity to attend our social dances, special events, and you can also participate  in annual exams, working your way up from Bronze to Gold, and beyond. 


You will see that some of our classes are only suitable for 'couples'. This means you will need to come with a dance partner. If you would like to try on your own, you can find classes that are also for 'solo' dancers.


 If you're new to dance, our Wednesday basic class is the best place to start. A fun, friendly lesson where you will learn the basics. For those who wish to further their dancing and/or compete at a higher level, we also offer private tuition.

Adult Class 

Age: 16+ 

Day: Tuesday 

Time: 7.30pm - 9pm  

Genre: Ballroom & Latin American 

Level: Beginner/Novice  

Cost: £5

Venue: Eden Centre, Montagu St, Kettering